With the increased usage of social media around the globe, stealing of social media credentials by hackers has become a major problem around the globe. The stolen social media credentials are later used to lure and steal money and other valuable from unsuspecting social media users, friends and family. In […]

Passwords are the most commonly used method for user authentication. Passwords are so popular because the logic behind them makes sense to people and they’re relatively easy for developers to implement. However, passwords can also introduce security vulnerabilities. Password crackers are designed to take credential data stolen in a data breach […]

The latest research by SUCURI shows 90% of scanned WP sites were infected with one or more vulnerabilities. There are plenty of online scanners to check the common web vulnerabilities, but that may not be sufficient as a security risk may arise from WordPress core, plugin, theme or misconfiguration. For that, you need a specialized security scanner that […]

Hacker vs Cracker vs Scammer: These are the three most-dreaded terms in the tech industry. Probably you have fallen a victim to one or even all of them. But, what do these terms really mean? Are they that dangerous as they are perceived? And what is the difference between them? […]

We can not deny the importance of social media websites in our daily life. A social media or social networking site helps people to connect with their friends, family, brands and celebrities etc. We share a lot of information on these websites including our personal and financial details such as […]

How to manually remove website malware

We all face daily cybersecurity challenges. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never reduce the chances of being hacked to zero. But server security solutions are here to help prevent and detect unauthorized access. Do you need help learning how to remove website malware? There are always comfortable automated ways to manage […]

Log4j is a logging framework for event recording – it can record user activity, data movement, and can track the exact date and time this happens. Log4j can be used for auditing and for troubleshooting. Logging is a fundamental piece of every software.  What is Log4j? Log4j is a popular framework for logging, maintained […]