What is code injection? code injection, also called Remote Code Execution (RCE), occurs when an attacker exploits an input validation flaw in software to introduce and execute malicious code. Code is injected in the language of the targeted application and executed by the server-side interpreter for that language – PHP, […]

Every day we hear of a new technological invention — to the extent that many important processes, like bank transactions, information exchanges, and messaging have all become digital. However, with increased digitization comes increased security threats, especially from hackers. When building a confidential data-based system, you must make sure it […]

Hey Folks, in this article we will show you the whole scenario that how attackers hack android smartphone by using QR code and HTA attack techniques. To accomplish this task we must have a Kali Linux operating system. We think most people are familiar with QR code, so we only […]

AdvPhishing is a phishing tool which allows the user to access accounts on social media even if two-factor authentication is activated. AdvPhishing allows the user to gain the target’s username, password and latest one-time password (OTP) in real-time as the target is logging in. In addition to this the user […]

Hey Folks, we are excited to write this masterpiece article on DNS enumeration tool which can help you to find some subdomain takeover vulnerability in different website as well as bounty. Dnsenum is a tool for DNS enumeration, which is the process of locating all DNS servers and DNS entries for […]