What Is Rocky Linux?  Rocky Linux is an open source Linux distribution that supports the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system source code. It offers a downstream, binary-compatible release for production-grade RHEL with community support. It was developed by the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation and was made generally available on […]

This Article Only For Education Purpose Don’t try Real World WhatsApp is the most widely used social app being used by people around the world to communicate, or as the younger generation likes to call it, ‘chat’ with their colleagues, family, and friends. It is a convenient way to communicate […]

MD5 Message Digest Algorithm, or MD5, is a cryptographic hashing function. It is a part of the Message Digest Algorithm family which was created to verify the integrity of any message or file that is hashed. MD5 is still used in a few cases; however, MD5 is insecure and should not […]

Introduction¶ Owasp Php configuring and the web server it is running on to be very secure. Below you will find information on the proper settings for the php.ini file and instructions on configuring Apache, Nginx, and Caddy web servers. For general PHP codebase security please refer to the two following great guides: […]

Denial of Service Attacks

What is a Denial of Service Attacks? A Denial of Service Attacks (DoS) attack occurs when legitimate users are unable to access information systems, devices, or other network resources due to the actions of a malicious cyber threat actor. Services affected may include email, websites, online accounts (e.g., banking), or […]


Juice Jacking Attack one of the most recent and most creative ways of penetrating PC frameworks.It includes a generally neglected escape clause allowing an aggressor to directadmittance to your frameworks. In this piece, we’ll investigate thesignificance, history, types, and working rules of juice jacking. Juice jacking is a framework weakness […]

how man in middle works

Man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM) can be executed in a number of different ways that exploit communications between other parties. Whether by passive or active means, an MITM attack finds a way between a user and an entity and attempts to conceal the breach and information theft. Below are common ways Man-in-the-Middle […]

In today’s technological era, we are witnessing a massive leap in the usage of the internet and networking devices. Every home has a laptop, smartphone, digital watch, IoT device, home automation component, and other devices that are connected to the home network or the Internet. Devices communicate with each other […]

and view the status of the network interfaces in Linux operating systems. With ifconfig, you can assign IP addresses, enable or disable interfaces, manage ARP cache, routes, and more. In this article, we’ll explore how to use the ifconfig command. How to Install ifconfig The ifconfig command is deprecated and replaced with ip and may not be included […]

The ping command is one of the most used tools for troubleshooting, testing, and diagnosing network connectivity issues. Ping works by sending one or more ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) Echo Request packages to a specified destination IP on the network and waits for a reply. When the destination receives the package, […]