Sitadel is a python based web application scanner. It’s flexible and has many different scanning options. It can get a full fingerprint of a server and bruteforce directories, admin pages, files etc. Also, it can search for injection type attacks (slq, html, xss, rfi, ldap and more), other information disclosures […]

Understanding VDP

Curious about vulnerability disclosure? We explain what it is, why there may be friction between the researcher and the organization, and possible solutions. What Is a Vulnerability Disclosure? During a vulnerability disclosure, individuals report security weaknesses in computer systems to the organization. Disclosures can be contentious; some organizations prefer not […]

In this section, we’ll explain the basics of information disclosure vulnerabilities and describe how you can find and exploit them. We’ll also offer some guidance on how you can prevent information disclosure vulnerabilities in your own websites. Learning to find and exploit information disclosure is a vital skill for any […]